Import Bible. Series 7. Old Favourites, New Look

Import Bible launches Series 7 for the t-shirt-wearing petrolhead community. Oh, and introduces the leggy Ashley Vee.


Those of you who’ve read our previous items on Import Bible will probably know the score by now: cool t-shirt designs, automotive nostalgia, and one particularly voluptuous model who makes us forget the first two points. Such also proves the case with the recently launched Series 7.


First on the production line is the Toyota 2000GT, which rather than risk provoking the wrath of crankandpiston’s own James Davisonour resident JDM nut – I’ll refrain from telling you about the sportster in detail. It remains though one of Japan’s most lauded sportscars and habitually has collectors champing at the bit across five or six continents.


Then there’s the second gen Toyota MR2, coined ‘the poor man’s Ferrari’ but here taking on the ‘Mr. 2’ moniker. If however you’re more of a Mitsubishi person, then Import Bible’s tribute to the legendary Evo might be the way to go. Then again, as our own Phil McGovern has mentioned once or twice before, you can’t do better than a Toyota 86.


Normally we wouldn’t praise the ‘virtues’ of wearing a Fast and the Furious t-shirt unless you’re a crewmember or everything other stitch of clothing you own has a hole in it. Then again, when said Fast and the Frivolous tribute is ‘Winning’, you’ll find we eat our words quite quickly.


Alongside the new additions, a selection of established designs return for Series 7, including Rim-to-Rim and Import Bible’s tribute to the Nissan 240SX, ‘Forty Eight’. Whether new model Ashley Vee wears these better than David’s Series 6 promoter Dannie Riel is for you to decide.


And as well as t-shirts, Drift King stickers and tank tops, you can now purchase Import Bible koozies to keep those non-alcoholic Iftar-friendly beverages from slipping through your fingers.


As I’m sure you’ll agree, knows how to celebrate Eid in style.

– Shots courtesy of Import Bible

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