If Ferrari returned to Le Mans…

What if Ferrari returned to Le Mans? Well, it’s LMP1 prototype could look something like this…

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Rumours of Ferrari’s official return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans have circled the drain for many years now. There’s been recent success in the GT category – including victory in 2012 and 2014 with the 458 Italia GT2 – though it has been some time since Maranello’s last overall victory in 1965 (it’s seventh in eight years). And even that remains bittersweet considering the Ford GT whitewash that followed four years on the bounce. And although the thought of an Audi/Toyota/Porsche/Nissan/Ferrari fight for the top prize at La Sarthe is a tantalising one, it would be a brave man to bet his shirt.

That’s not to say however that Ferrari fans have completely given up hope, as recent renders from Daniele Pelligra and the above collection from Lights Are On But No One’s Home demonstrates.

Achingly beautiful, the above images are what Ferrari’s LMP1 racer COULD look like if we all wish together in unison. Complete with the #27 (famously worn by Ferrari F1 legend Gilles Villeneuve), Shell and Santander sponsorship decals akin to the team’s recent f1 liveries, and a dedication to seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher, the scarlet LMP1 ticks all the necessary boxes. We therefore urge any and all Maranello CEOs currently reading this post: BUILD THIS.

And if, Signore e Signora Ferrari CEOs, who could drive at Le Mans should a Ferrari LMP1 be put into production, we hear a certain Fernando Alonso – two-time World Champion, 13-year Grand Prix veteran and guest of honour at this year’s Le Mans opening ceremony – is looking for a new seat…

Source – Lights Are On But No One’s Home. Hat tip to Luxury4Play

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