Honda S660 Concept. Back with the Beat?

Honda S660 Concept set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

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Honda has released images of the miniature mid-ship S660 Concept set to debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show in November. Though official details are slim, initial pictures show that the design closely resembles the EV-STER Electric Roadster Concept that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. Thankfully, the S660 Concept has a steering wheel – which the EV-STER concept lacked – and the possibility of actual production seems more than plausible.

This is the first use of the S-Series name since 2009 – when the S2000 left the Honda line-up – and also a nostalgic nod to the Honda S-cars of the 1960s. The S660 name would also suggest that the displacement will be 660cc, therefore qualifying for kei car status in Japan if power output falls within the 63bhp cap set down by the stringent regulations for keijid?sha.

The S660 is a positive hint that Honda may be refocusing on fulfilling Soichiro Honda’s dream and getting back in the sports car game instead of focusing on lawnmowers, robots and other non car stuff. The S660 would be the spiritual successor to the Honda Beat, the last car approved by Soichiro Honda before he died in 1991. Together with the new NSX, the new S660 should give Hondaholics something fun to drive again. Albeit at opposite ends of the financially attainable spectrum.

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