Help make these Lego Caterhams a reality

With your help, we can all buy these Lego Caterhams.

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Who likes Lego? We like Lego. If you can’t afford to build a real car, it’s the next best thing, and the results look great on the shelf. We’ve already seen plenty of cool Lego cars, but now there are these Caterham Seven, and we want them.

The project isn’t an official Lego one – yet. It’s the work of Carl Greatrix, a Brit for whom Lego is a mere tool to create works of art. He actually works as a Lego model designer for computer games, but when he’s not making virtual models, he’s creating things like this in real life. And now he wants to make the Caterhams a proper Lego project that you and I can buy from the shops.

Lego lets users upload their ideas for consideration to their website, and Carl has just done that. If he can get 10,000 supporters, Lego will look into making the kits commercially available.

This has to happen, but it’ll need your help. Go to the site, sign up and click support. Then encourage everyone else to do the same. If we’re not building Lego Caterhams in a couple of years, we’ll be very disappointed.

The Caterhams are just one of myriad projects Carl has built, all of which are incredible. We particularly like his amazing F1 cars, but the planes and trains are just brilliant as well. We’ve included some in the gallery above, but for the full experience check out his Flickr page.

Source: Pistonheads

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