GTO Engineering developing bespoke carbonfibre tub for new-build Squalo

The GTO Engineering Squalo to be underpinned by bespoke carbon tub

GTO Engineering has revealed information about its brand new and bespoke carbonfibre tub chassis, co-developed by specialist composites manufacturer DEXET Technologies, that’ll underpin the forthcoming Squalo.

The new model will be designed to emulate the classic V12-powered 1960 Ferrari in GTO Engineering’s typical style, but rather than base this new car on an existing tubular steel chassis, its carbon chassis will mean a donor vehicle will no longer need to be sourced, plus it’ll come with all the inherent advantages of a carbon tub.

GTO Engineering’s new tub will be constructed from three main elements – a forward section housing the V12 engine and gearbox, a main central tub that’ll house the cabin and fuel-cell and a rear subframe from which the rear suspension system will hang. From this main structure the body panels will then hang, making it stiffer and lighter than the revival cars currently in production. 

GTO is targeting a sub-1000kg weight figure, which would be quite an achievement considering the relative mass of the V12 engine and transmission. To go with the new structure, GTO will also develop and engineer a brand new interior with contemporary packaging being made full advantage of. 

​​Alexander Aucken, Chief Technical Officer of GTO Engineering said: ‘Our goal was always to create something different and unique but keep to what we all fundamentally love about cars – the fun of driving them. By achieving the seemingly unachievable with the incredible team at DEXET Technologies, we will soon be able to offer a truly unique driver’s car. 

Squalo will be fully customisable to individual specifications, perfectly blending the style and atmosphere of the golden age of sports cars with ground-breaking modern technology, engineering and stimulating engine performance. It will be the ultimate bespoke collector car and we can’t wait to show the public what we’ve been working on. Squalo could not be produced without the vital input and expertise of DEXET Technologies. Watch this space.’

Given the new structure underneath, GTO’s new supercar will be registered and sold as a brand new vehicle that’s homologated for all major markets.

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