Giuliano Mazzuoli. Transmissione Meccania

A lifelong enthusiasm for cars may inspire you to design one automotive-themed wristwatch. Releasing the third model in a range in just over six years should  give you a good idea then just how passionate horologist Giuliano Mazzuoli is for things of a four-wheeled nature.

A quick rundown. Number one from Giuliano Mazzuoli’s eponymous company was the Manometro (the Italian word for ‘pressure gauge’, just FYI), which first made an appearance in 2005. Then came the Contagiri, a timepiece with a dial based on an Alfa Romeo rev counter (an 8C Competizione too no less).

So what petrol-fuelled nod does the new Transmisisone Meccania have to offer? As the name of the piece may already have given away, the case itself is shaped like a bevelled gear, while the multi-layered dial resembles a clutch plate.

Be sure you don’t drop it though. Firstly, that would $4600 straight down the sink. But since the dial and components involve 17 different parts, putting Mazzuoli’s latest back together again may be somewhat time-consuming.

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