Gulfsport Ginetta G50 HC. Onboard Flying Lap

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I have been a sucker for this car ever since I first saw it at the Autosport International show held at the Birmingham NEC in the UK a couple of years ago. Fast forward to about 6 months ago and rather excitedly the first Hot Weather Version developed by the Team at Gulf-Sport and Ginetta arrived at the docks in Dubai. Since then I have been itching to get behind the wheel to see just how fabulous a car it really is…That bit will hopefully happen soon, however in the short term what better than to join Martin Hope ( behind the wheel as he attacks the National Circuit at the Dubai Autodrome?!

I think it is safe to say that Martin gives a mini masterclass on how to skid around the National track – especially so in that he has the balls and the trust in the car keep it pinned up through turns 3, 4 and 5…FLAT!!

This particular lap put the Ginetta on pole for the race, however after being outdragged by the more powerful cars in Class B at the start and then having 20mins of Code 60 time had run out to make full effect…

As a favourite cartoon character of mine used to say…”Next time Gadget”

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  1. None of the cars have been accurately and openly measured, even this ‘accurate inside info’ has to be considered as pure hearsay given the lack of public, verifiable documentation.

    Quoting manufacturer statistics is a waste of time as well since we don’t know for a fact how they come up with their figures – unless somebody can somehow prove that all manufacturer figures are one hundred percent ‘accurate’ and somehow directly comparable to one another.

    There are so many variables – wet weight or dry weight? Wheel horsepower or crank horsepower? How much fuel in the tank? How much does the driver weigh? Specific mods done to the car? Weight of safety equipment?

    Until somebody produces actual documentation of acutal dyno runs by the actual cars on the actual dyno (using the actual fuel of course and in the same atmospheric/ambient dyno conditions), AS WELL AS actual weight measurements of the cars as actually raced indluding driver, and/or with a standardized, comparable adjustment added to the wet as-raced vehicle weight sans driver (i.e. the 90kgs driver weight adjustment as specified inteh regulations), ONLY THEN can people even BEGIN to talk about such things as *facts* and attempt to compare power to weight ratios of different cars with anything even resembling accuracy.

    Failing that, any comparison of power, or power to weight ratios, or any other attempt to quantify performance of the actual cars is all *pure guesswork* (or informed speculation if we’re being kind) and nothing more meaningful than that.

    How can people not know this stuff?

  2. I’m so glad to know that my own lines around the National are flawless…nearly identical to Martin’s.

    Nevermind that the Miata is, oh, a hundredfold slower 🙂

    The Ginetta looks like wonderful fun to drive – you can almost sense the perfect weight distribution through the video. Oh yes! Or maybe it’s just Martin’s driving that makes it seem that way.

    Whatever the case, some beautiful cornering speed on display there so bravo.

    Nice reference to Dr. Claw at the end there too Phil. Reminds me that I always used to have a thing for Penny as a kid. LoL

  3. The Ginetta that Gulf-Sport are running is stock – No power upgrades have been fitted.

    There has been talk but nothing done yet…

    So therefore the 100hp loss claim stands.

  4. 295Bhp is standard quoted crank power for a G50 GT4 & would give plenty of scope for further development, but i am told the G50 from Gulf Sport has already been tuned beyond this power. Someone from Gulf Sport must be able to offer up the Dyno results for rear wheel power, only then can we acuratley judge the “disadvantge”, or not as the case may be, in power over the Porsches and verify the 100bhp disadvantage that was claimed earlier.

    Come on Phil you can dig out the truth.

  5. I know that Harris’ car is not an RS hence the comment regarding both weights…my point was that 1300kgs race weight was optimistic bearing in mind 1350kgs is factory standard. But now you are saying that he is close to the limits due to vast weight improvements…so we are all in the same page, which is cool.

    Ref the Ginetta it is 1050Kgs and 295Bhp…

    Im liking the passion 🙂

  6. Harris doesn’t drive the RS, it is the #32 car of Khaleji Motorsports registered as driven by Sinders/ Denby and was the winning car on Friday, not Harris’s #99 GT3

    All ARM cars have been Dyno tested on the series approved, NFS Dyno according to Alex & after much pushing and begging for the information one of the guys from the Khaleji team informs me that the power to weight of the RS is 4.38 meaning it still has plenty of room for development within GTB.

    Harris’s car figures weren’t offered, but it was hinted that, with his vast weight reduction efforts, he is much nearer the class limits and won’t have much scope for further development.

    So i have found out the FACTS about the Porsche, who is going to offer up the facts on the G50 so we can acurately judge the contest?

  7. Here’s some more facts – as copied from Harris’s piece recently on Crank and Piston:

    “Yesterday I struggled to find the aero limit of my car and my style was forced and ragged. I could only match my Club Circuit times from the previous season, so considering a 120kg crash diet and massively increased downforce, I did not do well.”

    p.s. no I am not the driver.

  8. I’d be suprised if the Porsche is 1300Kgs in race trim as the factory stated weight for the GT3 is 1350kgs…the 997 GT3RS is a tickle heavier at 1375kgs.

    Taking into account the amazing amount of work that Alex and Harris have put into the car, including the full strip and the carbon doors and other associated panels…not to mention the full strip inside of everything from the carpet, door panels, headlining, AC unit, it makes that claim slightly concerning.

    Out of interest, were the GT cars ever dyno’d? I keep asking that question and never get an answer 🙂

    Might also be worth thinking about power to weight….1050Kgs at 295hp does loose out to 1200kgs and 395hp..

  9. According to the Ginetta Web site the G50HC is based upon the G50 GT4 and the stated weight is 1,000kg. Called Alex & the RS is more than 1,300 in its current form so is 300kg heavier. So my guess was pretty close, but a little conservative the RS is heavier than I thought.

    BTW are you the G50 driver? you seem a little sensitive to the subject matter?

  10. The key phrase here is “I would guess”. Might be better to work with facts, or would that get in the way of the point you are trying to make?

  11. I would guess the Porsches, particularly the RS are 2-300kg heavier than the Ginetta so the fact that the G50 has less power is not the whole storey. The class has power to weight ratio limits, within which all cars must be in order to run in the class. I am sure the G50 isn’t that far off this limit and looking at it, the G50 has a far superior aero kit so on paper it is a fair fight and for round 3 the Porsches won.

  12. I would guess the Porsches, particularly the RS are 2-300kg heavier than the Ginetta so the fact that the G50 has less power is not the whole storey. The class has power to weight ratio limits, within which all cars must be in order to run in the class. I am sure the G50 isn’t that far off this limit and looking at it, the G50 has a far superior aero kit so on paper it is a fair fight and for round 3 the Porsches won.

  13. Doing our best with more then 100 hp less then the Porsches.If you study the lap times carefully,we were often quicker then the Porsches.But that was before I stupidly span in the last lap.We are never complaining,just enjoying a lot ! I am so glad to have Martin as a team mate.

  14. Its funny as I have been thinking that over the last couple of rounds. The Ginetta seems to get left behind in a straight line…Hmmmmmmm Zytec!

  15. i would love to see how it compared in “race trim” if it had anywhere near as much power as those Porsches!

  16. Nice footage, in qualifying trim this is an awsome package of car and driver.
    Not so sure the code 60 robbed it of a win though, in the two laps prior to the code 60 it was overtaken through corners 2 & 3 for the lead on lap one and was already 1.5 secs down before the code 60 came out; after the code 60 was over and the Porsches in front had pitted, leaving the Ginetta in clear air, even a driver of Hope’s standard couldn’t set the fastest lap of the race for GTB.
    I think rose tinted specs aside it is fair to say that this beauty in race trim just didn’t have the same pace as in qualifying and wasn’t a match for the Porsches on Friday. DS