Geneva ’15. Aston Martin DBX Concept

Aston Martin reveals the DBX Concept at Geneva, which could become the company’s first ever all-electric, all-wheel drive luxury GT model.

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Thought the Vulcan would be Aston’s biggest new at Geneva? Think again. This is the first all-electric, all-wheel drive Aston Martin ever – the DBX Concept – and has been built to ‘challenge the nature of luxury GT travel in the 21st Century’.

“Wait, hang on, wasn’t the new Lagonda supposed to be doing that?” Well, yes and no, since the above design concept could form the basis of the new DB9, Vantage, Vanquish and Rapide when they arrive within the next few years.

Penned by the marque’s Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, the new DBX Concept features traditional Aston fixtures like the slick headlights, bonnet grooves and wide front grille (plus some simply massive alloys nine double-spoke alloys) but has been built with using machined billet aluminium for a more industrial look. It also features a pretty striking Black Pearl Chromium paint finish. And though Aston has gone ‘non-automotive standard materials’ route on the inside, you can still find leather upholstery as standard.

Principally a design study, few details have been revealed about that all-electric powertrain, Aston revealing only that the electric motors will be powered by lithium sulphur cells and that a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) could be included. Drive-by-wire electric steering thus far completes the engineering round-up, but expect more to come from Aston Martin at the Geneva Motor Show.


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