GearHeartShirts. “Shut up and take my money”

Awesome selection of threads from gearheartshirts, especially if you’re a JDM man.

So, you’re a car guy/girl, and don’t feel like standing on one brand’s side with your t-shirts. You want a cool design, a message, and a retro style. We think we may have come across the perfect solution.

‘Save the stick’, ‘Petrolsexual’, and ‘I void warranties’ are some of the awesome shirts we’ve just stumbled upon at Gearheart Shirts. If you’re a car lover but and especially JDM enthusiast, then you’re definitely in luck. Not to be a fun pooper for you MURICAH peeps, but there aren’t any love for American based automotive terms/cars other than a 4×4 Willys Jeep FC150 shirt design.

How cool is the Iron Man Rotor shirt? Genius ideas that are just plain awesome, creative, and some are humorous for yourself and the family. I’m thinking it’s time to empty my closet as I’m personally thinking of grabbing myself a dozen of those shirts.

– Shots courtesy of Gearheart Shirts

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