G-Power G5M Hurricane RR takes BMW M5 to 888bhp

German tuner G-Power reveals its new ultimate version of the F90 BMW M5


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G-Power has been fettling BMWs for almost half a century, and its most recent product is the F90 M5-based G5M Hurricane RR. Though an RS variant surfaced earlier this year, this model turns performance up to 11 with significant hardware changes. The conversion alone will cost you around £100,000, but consider the performance on offer and it’s somewhat more justifiable…

Munich’s 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged S63 V8 is what you’ll find under the bonnet, a unit that produces 616bhp and 553lb ft of torque in M5 Competition form. This clearly wasn’t enough for G-Power or its customers, so the tuner has applied both software and hardware changes to lift peak power to 888bhp, up 272bhp over standard. Torque, meanwhile, is capped at 774lb ft in an effort to preserve the rest of the drivetrain.

To reach these numbers, G-Power has employed a pair of new turbochargers complete with an enlarged intake and CNC-milled housings. To ensure the rest of the engine can withstand the increase in boost, forged pistons and uprated connecting rods are also utilised, alongside a more capable cooling system that includes a larger radiator and a new carbonfibre GP Venturi bonnet with added cooling vents.

Performance figures are yet to be disclosed, but the lesser G5M Hurricane RS has a claimed 2.5sec 0-100kph time and a mind-boggling 350kph top speed. Given the additional performance the RR has to offer, it’s safe to assume it will better even those figures. Though the complication of modern electronics means it can’t quite match the 371kph peak speed of G-Power’s twin-supercharged E60 M5, we can’t imagine it’ll disappoint.

The exhaust system is now a custom stainless steel item with free-flowing sports catalytic converters, and the tuner’s GP-900 ECU software has also been applied to ensure everything works in harmony. New, lightweight 21-inch forged wheels reduce unsprung mass and work with adjustable coilover suspension.

The G-Power G5M Hurricane RR conversion package is now available to order, priced at c$134,000.

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