Funfunfunfun. BRP Can-Am Maverick. XCAR Films

Mud. Buggy. Drifting. Jumping. ALL THE FUN.


Some machines are made for luxury. Some are made for capability. Some are made for style. The BRP Can-Am Maverick, however, is built for one thing only – fun, and lots of it.

Drew and Nick from XCAR Films prove this by taking the little buggy around a muddy field for far longer than is absolutely necessary, whooping like small children the whole time.

The BRP Can-Am Maverick is a proper rocket. Powered by a 101bhp 1-litre V-twin engine, it’s either rear or four-wheel drive, depending on the kind of fun you want to have. 101bhp may not sound like much, but when you put it in a vehicle the size of a gold cart, it becomes a whole new proposition.

Fun as it undoubtedly seems, the XCAR day out doesn’t go entirely to plan however… watch the video below to see what happens.

Source: XCAR

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