Frankfurt Motorshow 2017. The Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Finally, the long awaited Project One, successor to the Mercedes CLK GTR is here and it looks like an extraterrestrial boss.

We have been getting teased by Mercedes-AMG for the past couple of years about a new hyper car coming, but all we kept hearing are over exaggerated rumors which even car enthusiasts said it’s too much. That’s exactly what AMG enjoyed hearing and were feeding on – “Too much”.

At last, all rumors came to an end, and Mercedes-AMG unleashed their beast at the Frankfurt Motorshow 2017, where they had Lewis Hamilton himself introduce the Project One and shared his involvement in the car. The accurate thing to say about Project One is that it’s almost like a road-legal version of a Formula 1 winning car.

The CLK GTR successor did not fail to impress, and has taken over the internet in a heartbeat, with a lot of mixed feelings regarding the car and its details. Some said “it’s indeed too much”, “Too expensive to be driven”, while some said it’s “Too good to be true”, “Mercedes just dropped the mic”.

Lets head into more details

The Project One’s petrol mid-mounted engine is 1.6L V6 hybrid engine with a single turbo coming from the winning Formula 1 car. Small engine? Yep .. but the internals are on a whole different level. For the geeks, “Four overhead camshafts are driven by spur gears. To achieve high engine speeds, the mechanical valve springs have been replaced by pneumatic valve springs”. When it mentions high engine speeds, it means that the engine can rev up to 11,000rpm. While it can definitely achieve more, but 11,000 is the limit for the type of fuel you can find on the road. The petrol engine alone produces ±670hp.

The turbo system was developed in a way where it has an electric boost shaft, which helps the turbo spin at 100,000rpm.

While in the front comes the two electric motors (160hp – One on each wheel), where the motor revolutions are capable of 50,000rpm (Knowing that the top of the line in the market can go up to 20,000rpm).

Acceleration in full power mode from 0 to 200 km/h will take less than 6 seconds, and the top speed of over 350 km/h.

The price? The Mercedes-AMG Project One $2.7 Million Dollars. So, if you had the money, would you buy that? Or try to find a CLK GTR?

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