Frankfurt 2015. Nissan Gripz

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* Nissan unveils a 240Z-inspired crossover SUV – the Gripz – at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

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A couple of teases later and the world has finally been introduced to the new Nissan Gripz crossover SUV. And yes, we’ll admit it, we weren’t expecting the scissor doors…

Taller and wider than the Juke on which it is loosely based, the Gripz also comes equipped with hopping great 22in rims, a V-motion grille (mounted low and framed by rectangular lamps), a matt-black rear spoiler (of sorts) and a sloping roof. Inside, the seats and centre console are directly inspired by bicycles, evoking – as the press garble puts it – a dual personality. As you can imagine, and as it is ‘an innovative new future for the marque’, production plans seem unlikely.

As well as the futuristic concept angles, there’s a hint of heritage in the Gripz: as well as a nod to Nissan’s popular ‘Z’ performance sub-brand, the 2+2 crossover has also been influenced by the Safari Rally-winning 240Z, one of the company’s earlier crossover models.

The traditional electric powertrain stapled down under the hood includes ‘Pure Drive e-Power’ and a battery whipped from the Nissan Leaf, the latter of which is powered by ‘an efficient petrol engine’. The company’s lips are sealed as to cubic centimetres and potential power output, so, decide amongst yourselves…



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