Formula D 2013. Long Beach. When Drifts Go Wrong…

Formula Drift 2013 kicked off in style at Long beach, give or take a stumbling block or two for Matt Field and Justin Pawlak.


Take a few minutes to rifle through the collection of drift videos on crankandpiston – and we particularly recommend the Red Bull Car Park Drift collections – and you’ll find a pattern emerging: lots of tyre smoke; lots of cheering crowds; POV footage of driver input at the wheel; and inch-perfect examples of drift action.

We expected nothing less when Formula D returned to Long Beach for the start of the 2013 season. Now while we don’t usually advocate ‘big crashes’ or ‘epic fails’ that much, we were still interested to see what happens when these athletes sometimes get it a bit wrong. Cue Justin Pawlak, Matt Field and several louds thumps…

Source – Abbitt Wilkerson

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