Ford sets out plans for carbon-fibre engines

Ford has revealed its plans to explore more unconventional ways of saving fuel, at this year’s Detroit Motor Show.

Ford's Fiesta and Focus

Engineers debuted a new concept to its award-winning 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine from the latest Ford Fiesta and Focus models using carbon-fibre, which is lighter meaning increased efficiency. Carbon-fibre has been injection-moulded for the sump and oil pan the new three-cylinder comes in 13kg lighter than the previous unit.

Aluminium components have also been used to reduce weight, resulting in a bulk weight reduction of 40% – a figure which Ford says could result in a 4.5% improvement in overall efficiency.

Electric turbocharging to its EcoBoost range has also been teased, alongside cylinder deactivation.

Unfortunately though, it’s not clear when exactly these technologies will be implemented on production models, with cost being the main thing holding the manufacturer back.

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