Ferrari unveils all-new F12tdf

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* Celebrating the endurance road race that Ferrari lead in the 1950s, Ferrari has released the all-new F12tdf (Tour de France) model.

Engine Power Torque 0-100kph Top speed Weight Basic price
V12, 6262cc 769bhp @ 8500rpm 705Nm (520lb ft) @ 6750rpm 2.9secs 340+kph 1415kg TBC
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The new Ferrari will come fully loaded with extra topping to the naturally aspirated 6.3-litre V12 unit from the F12 Berlinetta, boosting the power from 731bhp to 769bhp, with torque levels of 705Nm (520lb ft). It has a 0-100kph of 2.9 seconds – with Ferrari claiming it can do ‘in excess of 340ph’ – and uses the one-piece brake calipers from the LaFerrari, which stop the car from 200kph in 121metres.

Engineers have also introduced a rear-wheel steering system, which gives helps to over-steer levels.

And as if you couldn’t get more noticed in an F12, the tdf is lower and wider than the standard model and features new fins to the bumper and bonnet. It has strategically placed slats for aerodynamics, along with a bigger spoiler creating 230kg more down-force at 200kph.

Unfortunately though, there will only be 799 of these built. Wonder how long it’ll be before we spot one on our roads?!

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