Ferrari 599 ‘Race 848’. Novitec Rosso. “How Much Horsepower?!”


Any fans of 800-plus horsepower supercars reading this? If so, this spot from crankandpiston lensman Luke Gilbertson will probably be right up your Cockney street, especially since the last Novitec Rosso Ferrari we featured on-site proved rather popular. So, let’s dive in…


As a bit of context to get us warmed up, this Novitec Ferrari 599 GTB first made its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Okay, yes, we’re a little late to this particular soiree, but how many times do you see images of a hyper tuned Maranello stallion with Novitec stenciled on its wheel arches gallivanting about London? Exactly.

Oh, and did we mention that only three of them were made?


Powered by the same 6.0l V12 in a ‘standard’ 599, the Novitec boys and girls have provided a few tweaks here and there to up the power in this ‘Race 848‘ model from 612hp to, yep, 848hp. If your eyebrows haven’t just hit the ceiling then clearly there is a detail somewhere that you’ve glossed over. Read this paragraph again and then catch us up…


This almost-apocalyptic power works in accordance with a six-speed Formula One-style transmission, meaning the beast will gallop from standstill to 100kph in just 3.4s, up to 200kph in 9.6s, and only run out of puff at 345kph. A spirited stallion then, certainly.

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