Fenyr Supersport

We’ve just heard from its founder, now we take a quick spin in W motors second supercar

Moments after our interview ends I step outside W motor’s gorgeous Dubai showroom to find the new Fenyr parked curbside waiting for me. It’s already attracted a crowd of camera wielding onlookers, which isn’t surprising as its styling certainly grabs the attention. All jagged lines and squat dimensions it wouldn’t be out of place in a Transformers movie.

Pop open the rearwards opening suicide doors and you’re greeted by an interior dominated by what appears to be carbon fibre. Once in the rather snug driver’s seat, the initial impression is of a nice kit-car, the quality not quite what you’d expect from a car with a $1.4million price tag, though this is apparently a pre-production model. The view forward is dominated by a garish digital display while the view backwards is non-existent as it completely blocked off by the engine bay. Porsche switchgear abounds, hardly surprising as the underpinnings are those of a Ruf CTR3.

Also of Porsche origin is the 3.8L twin-turbo flat 6 that bursts into life with a raucous cacophony so loud its initially startling. Slot the PDK gear lever into D and the Fenyr pulls always smoothly. Our test route today is both very short and traffic-infested, not a great combination for figuring a super car. From my brief time with it, I can tell you that the steering feels direct, quite heavy and generous in the feedback it provides. The Ruf chassis feels stiff, yet the ride is surprisingly compliant for a car of this sort. On the brief moments where I’m able to keep my foot planted for more than a few seconds at a time the noise is overwhelming, but the Fenyr’s bite doesn’t live up to its bark, and frankly doesn’t feel anywhere near the 800bhp and 750lb ft it claims to be packing. The other let-down is the way it swaps cogs, there’s a noticeable lag before the next gear engages. I find this surprising as the PDK gearbox is normally one of the best in the business.

Today’s super car scene is ferociously competitive, and based on my brief taste the Fenyr has some work to do before it can fight with the very best, particularly when you consider its eye-watering price tag. That said, its not entirely without merit, as it steers and rides quite well, makes a tremendous noise and is blessed with striking looks. Perhaps a more extensive drive will unearth further talents, which is something we’d like  to do in the not too distant future. 

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