Espresso Veloce V12. Engine Replica Coffee Maker. Make It Frothy

The Espresso Veloce V12: the ultimate accessory for the man cave and the salvation of anybody on the crankandpiston weekend shift.


Friday may be upon us in the Middle East, but that merely means the start of the weekend shift at crankandpiston. Today, that privilege has fallen to me. Okay, we’re hardly talking “you’re working through Christmas, Cratchit” and Tiny Tim standards here, but gloating text messages from friends and flatmates sent from the beach mean I’m about ready for a pick-me-up (Florence and her respective Machines are trying their best to keep me energised, but it’s not quite working).

This device would do the trick nicely, it lashing out healthy doses of caffeine whilst simultaneously blowing the user’s eardrums to tatters, were the V12 on which it is based actually operational. Still, the Espresso Veloce V12 remains one of the most impressive pieces of kitchen equipment to grace crankandpiston’s inbox.

Made from a mixture of aluminium, magnesium and titanium and marketed as the accessory for ‘every racing-themed man cave’ (no objections there), six of the Veloce V12’s cylinders act as coffee dispensers, while the filters inside are designed to look like pistons. All very clever, and all – we assume – hideously expensive, especially since the price of the weighty brute is TBC.

Saying that, the counter in the office kitchen is lacking a little character…

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