Endaf Owens. The man knows how to drive a Mini

Proof if it was ever needed that a Mini is a bonkers little machine on a race track. Keep it pinned, ignore that brake pedal and HOLD on!

Endaf Owens Historic Mini cooper S at Silverstone

The battle of little and large has raged for centuries across all platforms, but none more relevant to our love of the automobile than in racing circles. Nobody could have ever imagined the successes the diminutive Mini would collect over the years, however it was that element of size, nimbleness and general ability that took it there.

As a perfect example, ride along with Endaf Owens in his MK1 Mini as he takes on the big and mighty at the Silverstone Classic Masters. In the words of Axisofoversteer ‘clearly, Mr Owens is well aware of the proper way to drive a Mini”. If in doubt. Keep it pinned


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