Ian Callum. The coolest cat in Design. LinkedIn Influencer

Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum, who is possibly the coolest cat in the automotive design world has been announced as LinkedIn Influencer. Say what? What does that actually mean?

Ian Callum Jaguar Design Director Named Influencer by LinkedIn

Callum joins an exclusive group of a carefully curated list of “thought leaders” including U.S. President Barack Obama and renowned entrepreneurs Richard Branson and Bill Gates. As we all know, Ian is the man steering the Jaguar design team and very pragmatically is a guy that fully appreciates he is only as strong as his very capable team.  It’s an incredibly endearing trait that many people fail to realise in this world, making him all the more capable of being a true influencer.

His first post which, which can can be read HERE, explains the reasons for the most successful companies embracing design, a topic very close to his heart.

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