Eight driving habits that drive me up the wall

Several habits I frequently face on the road which annoy the crap out of me


1. ‘What is this strange stalk on the steering column with arrows on it…?’

Source – carthrottle

Those would be your indicators, good sir. If you use them, people will know when you are either changing lanes or making a turn, and will therefore not be pissed off at you if they nearly slam into the back of you when you manoeuvre without signalling. Go on, give them a go…


2. Giving only two inches when changing lanes on the highway is more than enough, apparently…

Source – cracktwo

If you’re attempting to trade paint with the car to your left/right when changing lanes, might I suggest that a highway is not the best place for you to be. Perhaps The Thunderdome…


3. …and why is it necessary to drive more than half a car length from the car in-front on the highway?

Source – motifake

Exactly how important and time-consuming can your day possibly be if you are within seconds of driving over the top of my car with your own rather than leaving a reasonable gap in-between? Might I suggest working from home from now on…?


4. Objects in the wing mirrors are irrelevant, since they are never used

Source – advisoranalyst

Yes, congratulations. They are reflective, and can therefore be used to see those around you and to ascertain where your blind spots are. Resting your foot on one is only moderately helpful.


5. Flashing headlights in the fast lane from 1km away mean ‘I’m more important than you’

Source – dubaithoughts.blogspot

Yes, I see you Mr Hulking Great SUV. In fact I saw the first flash of your headlights nearly 1km away. Perhaps you’ve noticed though, as you speared towards me at 60kph over the speed limit, that I have someone in front of me. And someone beside me. I therefore ask you to be patient and wait for me to move aside when I get the chance. You moron.


6. At roundabouts, give way to those on the left…no, left….no no, left…

Source – Funnyjunk

Seriously people. It’s a circle, the traffic on which goes in only one direction. How difficult is it to look the right way before pulling out?


7. …and if you do pull out in front of me, try to keep it the acceleration as lackadaisical as possible. It’s REALLY helpful.

Source – thegazoo

Quick maths quiz. I’m travelling on a dual carriageway at the mandated 80kph. You pull out in front of me, and stay in second gear for what seems like an eternity before levelling off at 55kph. Why are you mystified that I’ve had to slam on my brakes to avoid careening into the back of you?


8. “The hard shoulder is fair game. In fact, it’s an extension of the road.”

Source – gulfnews

No. No, it’s not. Kindly slot back into the gridlock and join the rest of us in our commuter misery rather than uniting all of us in our hatred for you as you breeze past.

– Have I missed any? Why not add to my annoyance by mentioning them in the comments box below?

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