E30 BMW M3 enhanced by restorer Redux

The UK-based company has worked its magic on the first M3, adding BMW motorsport-inspired performance upgrades and a redesigned interior

BMW restoration specialist, Redux, is creating a new line of tweaked E30 M3s, and has delivered the first example to one lucky customer in California.

You won’t find any bolt-on arches or fake carbon fibre components here, with each of the 30 Redux cars undergoing a painstaking restoration to pay homage to the box-flared classic. The process starts with a bare shell stripdown, where every component of the donor car is removed to allow for correction of any imperfections. Various bodywork components are converted to carbon fibre to keep weight to a minimum, too, and are meticulously worked through to ensure all signs of fabrication are smoothed out. A full or half roll cage can be added at this stage upon request, however a standard road car configuration is also available.

Although swapping the S14 4cyl for the high-revving S65 V8 from the E92 M3 or the screaming S85 V10 from the E60 M5 was considered, it was decided that only tweaked versions of the original power plant would be used – in either naturally-aspirated or turbocharged forms. In this car’s case, to replicate the power from the DTM-spec S14 engine without the constant need to rebuild, the brand turned to forced-induction for a power output of around 387bhp and 390lb ft of torque.

Redux E30 BMW M3

Following an increase in capacity from 2.3-litres to 2.5-litres, the introduction of forced induction called for reinforced components. Custom connecting rods and pistons, a BMW Motorsport crankshaft and Motec M150 Engine Control Unit were added, alongside a reinforced gearbox, custom flywheels, a twin-plate clutch and an upgraded differential. Bespoke 3-way dampers from EXE-TC Competition Suspension can be found on the car, alongside 6-piston AP Racing front callipers (330mm discs) and 4-piston units at the rear. A hand-fabricated, steel exhaust system is also included.

The staggering attention to detail doesn’t stop there, with Alcantara, leather or cloth-trimmed interiors available. Each car can be completely tailored to the customer’s demands, so should you want a combination of all three materials, the option’s there. In this car’s case, the rear seats have been deleted and replaced with a removable rear bench with the boot offering access to the battery, differential pump, fuel pump and more.

Although pricing is upon application, these cars will very likely come at an eye-watering cost. If you can foot the bill, though, simply supply your own donor car and, in 18-24 months, you’ll have yourself a Redux-fettled E30 M3.

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