Dress up like a McLaren! Sort of…

New clothing from McLaren lets you dress like a Hunt.

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As it’s been pointing out of late, McLaren is celebrating 50 years since the formation of the racing team. And now, for all you fans of race-related lifestyle wear, it’s released a new line of heritage-inspired clothing.

There are three collections. The first, imaginatively called McLaren 50, includes a classic white polo shirt with vintage McLaren 5 logo and stripes in McLaren Orange and blue on the chest. It’s inspired by a shirt worn by Bruce McLaren himself at his 24 Hours of Le Mans victory in 1966. There’s also a hoodie in black with orange lining and a speedy kiwi logo on the chest. For the ladies, a slim-fit top with Bruce’s famous quote “Life is measured in achievement not in years alone”. There’s a bracelet too, apparently inspired by design cues from various racing cars.

Automotive artist Nicolas Hunziker contribiuted to the McLaren 50 by Hunziker line, which feature a range of images of classic McLaren race cars, including the M7A which won McLaren‘s first ever grand prix at Spa in 1968. Other racers including the MP4/4, as driven by Senna and Prost.

The James Hunt Racing Collection celebrates the famous playboy racer of the 1970s, utilising the black, blue, yellow and red colours of his racing helmet. There’s a baseball cap, a ladies’ polo shirt and a men’s t-shirt featuring a print of the helmet itself. Sadly, James’ famous Breakfast of Champions badge is not included.

All the new clothes are available at www.mclarenstore.com.

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