DeLorean. DMC Garden Grove. Keeping The Dream Alive

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Fair to say that, one meteroic rise to movie stardom aside, John DeLorean’s dream to produce the great American car never got out of the starting blocks. True it had the looks, unpainted stainless steel bodywork, and made gull-wing doors cool, but a dismal 175kph(ish) top speed – courtesy of its V6 PSV engine – meant the DeLorean DMC-12 never stood a chance against higher-powered competition. Drug-trafficking charges against the eponymous CEO didn’t help either. Financial insolvency meant production lasted less than two years.

Though not quite in the way he expected, Delorean’s name lives on to this day. The DMC Garden Grove in California, for example, is the only DeLorean certified garage in the USA. It also houses the fastest DMC-12 ever built. Fitted with a twin-turbo V6 it produces 575hp, an astonishing 345 more than the factory equivalent. As Tuned recently found out though, power doesn’t solve every problem.

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