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A 1967 Datsun Roadster covers more than 37,000 miles on a North American road trip.

Datsun Roadster
Scott Fisher needed to chill out for a bit after 16-years of business stress and decided to hit the road for a massive North American road trip. While the temptation was certainly there to roll in a newer car, the decision was made to tackle the 37,850 miles, 48 US states and seven Canadian provinces in his 46-year old Datsun Roadster.

“What you’re driving on your road trip will be a huge part of the experience so I decided that a less all-around and less capable vehicle that had considerably more character and exuberance would be a much better choice.”

With the 268 day trip now finished, Petrolicious hooked up to chat with Scott about his “lengthy and relatively aimless road trip through America in a 46 year old Japanese sports car”. 

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