‘Crook’, from the director of Ultimate Racetrack

New Journals contributor Ozan Biron walks us through the trailer for his latest ‘gritty’ film, ‘Crook’.

Crook Ozan Biron-01

Guest Author – Ozan Biron

A new trailer for ‘Crook’ has surfaced from the talented director Ozan Biron, who recently created the incredible viral commercial “BMW M4, the Ultimate Racetrack‘. It’s a car chase movie with a TON of action and eye candy, so be sure to turn your volume up for this three-minute teaser.  ‘Crook’ is the proof-of-concept for a crime film that’s currently in development.

The filming style is raw because everything is mostly done with camera and in real time, rather than with CGI. Real speeds and real danger but in a cinematic way. Visually it’s not slick like The Fast and The Furious films. Crook intentionally lacks the big budget polish of Hollywood films. Instead it strives to show a gritty, handheld reality. To me, this is what separates it apart from other car style films.

But that’s for you to tell me…

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