C&P Project Car. 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Stage 2

Work continues on our new Jeep Wrangler Sport, the first item of business being the bodywork and interior at Jeepers.

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Last week we took delivery of our brand new Jeep Wrangler Sport with the intention of making it more capable off-road, more unique, and just plain badass. Tempting as it was to crack straight on with the mechanical side of things, stage one was pure cosmetics.

A name you see on most modified Wranglers in the region is Jeepers, a Wrangler-specific Dubai based garage first established eight years ago for the founder’s friends and family but which has consistently grown ever since. Responsible for the modifications on a significant percentage of the Wranglers in the region, more than 1600 people are already part of Jeeper’s off-road experience club. These guys know more about Jeep modding than we ever will, so it’s no surprise they’re first on our list for the C&P Wrangler’s new look.

We met up with Jeepers founder Nizar Madani to discuss both our plans and his vision, a delicate balancing act. We want the Wrangler to look different yet have functional cosmetic mods.

“What makes Jeepers different is that everything you see on the vehicle is made by us,” Nizar says. “We have our own designs, our own setup, and our own modifications. We manufacture bonnets, fenders, bumpers, exhaust systems and our own suspension systems, so what you see on our cars, you don’t see anywhere else. That’s really what makes a Jeepers Edition Wrangler so special.”

Soon the Wrangler was into the workshop for surgery, the front fender flares and bumpers the first things to be taken apart, making the Jeep creepily faceless. The bumpers were cut and remoulded shorter to our bespoke design, and the modified fenders also cut for a meaner look and greater space and travel for the larger tyres when they’ll be fitted later on. Work wasn’t just specific to the outside though; beautiful re-upholstered black leather seats give the cabin a more premium feel. Plus, red stitching. Fancy, eh?

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All four fender flares have also been colour coded to match the bodywork and the same treatment also given to the steering wheel and air conditioning outlets. To give the Jeep a meaner look, we’ve installed some LED Speaker headlights with black inner housings and a Jeepers Edition hood with extra air vents and direct scoops to aid the air intake systems.

The next stage contains the juiciness of the build, since it is strictly about hard-core mechanical modifications. Now it starts to get serious. Make sure to keep an eye on what’s coming next.


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