crankandpiston Giveaway. BMW Culture Book

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Thanks to the kind people at BMW Middle East we’ve got a copy of the BMW Culture book to give away. The book, which was produced by world-renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, was produced to celebrated 40 years of the brand’s involvement with ‘culture’ in all its various forms.  Just 1488 of these books exist, and we have #136… it’s even been signed by Mr Sagemeister himself

Now the bit you need to do >>>

Officially, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, but to win, we want you to come up with an alternative meaning for the acronym BMW.

A bit like this… Bring Me Women, Boo, my winky, BLAM! More winning.

Post your response below in the comments box and we’ll pick our favourites on October 31st.

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  1. Guys, sorry for taking this long to pick it up.

    Anyway, please guide me on how to pick it up and when…

    Thanks !

  2. It’s me Ayman, not Ayham lol.

    ” On Tuesday October 4th, 2011 at 05:03 PM ****Ayman**** wrote:

    Best Motorsport Weapon | Built My Way “.

    Anyway, thanks for choosing my comment as the winner Phil.

    My pleasure to deal with you guys at C&P.

  3. After much deliberation we have settled on a winner…

    So step up Ayham – Your comment of ‘Built My Way’ takes the cake. Congratulations. Please drop us a line through the contact us tab and we will arrange to get your book sent to you.

  4. Hi C&P Team

    How do we know who the winner is of this give-away. Feel its been left a little un-ended and would hate to find out this book is just now lying around ur offices. Please respond to us, we are the cumminity.

    • Hey Jason, a decision has been and will be announced on this page and our Facebook page ( in the next day or so. Apologies for the delay >>>

  5. BMW:

    – Best Machines in the World
    – Bash My Windshield
    – Berlins Most Wanted
    – Beautiful Models Wanted
    – Bring Money in Wheelbarrows 😀

  6. Ballers Motor Weapon

    Bat Mobile Weapons

    Brave Machinery Winner

    Breaking Mans Ways

    Babies Mean Work

    Bi-Turbo Motor Works

    Beat My Way

  7. BMW:

    – Born Moderately Wealthy
    – Beautiful Masterpiece on Wheels
    – Beastly Monstrous Wonder
    – Bavarian Murder Weapons
    – Beyond My Wages

  8. Brillent Metal Wagon
    Bob Marley and the Wallers
    B*tchs Make Way
    Bragging Means Wealthy
    Bowel Movement Wagon
    Big Money Waster

  9. Waleed Mohsen Basaqer

    Other then my nick name(my name initials in backwards) that I’ve been using since I was 12, I’ll go for:

    Believe in Making Wonders.