Classic Wrecks models. Weathered rapport

Concerned that your precious diecast model collection will get damaged? Classic Wrecks has the answer for you…

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The problem with owning diecast models is that, try as you may, soon the inevitable happens and there’s a breakage. A wing mirror goes, a windscreen wiper snaps, or a dirty great scratch appears on one of the doors. An unfortunate incident with a basketball when I was 9 years old and which resulted in Damon Hill’s Jordan 198 losing its front wing still haunts me.

Classic Wrecks though seems to have taken these concerns into consideration, since broken wing mirrors, dented doors and scratched bodywork are the basis of their collection. Each of its models in the line-up comes complete with rotted paint and ‘weathered’ details. And if you’re looking for an Aventador or 458 Italia amongst these 1:24 designs, you’re going to be disappointed, the range predominantly made-up of old schoolers.

Personal favourites from the line-up include a rather snazzy (insert inverted commas) ’65 Ford Galaxie, Ford Mustang, the RatRod, an E-Type Jag, and a 1967 Impala (fitting nicely as it does between the ’62 and the ’73 models we’ve already featured on If you’re living room is missing a broken down diecast and you currently have $75 burning a hole in your pocket, then look no further.

Broken wing mirrors need never keep you up at night again.

– Shots courtesy of Classic Wrecks

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