Chevrolet says it will offer customers ‘psychic abilities’

Chevrolet has announced that it is set to offer the ability to ‘see’ the future, with technology that warns you about potential maintenance problems BEFORE they occur.


Chevrolet has come out and said that it plans to offer its customers technology that warns drivers of potential maintenance issues, BEFORE they happen.

We’re not sure whether the brand simply expects certain problems over certain time periods, to be able to predict such happenings or whether the brand has mastered psychic abilities, but what we do know is if the technology actually works it can’t be a bad thing.

The technology is similar in concept to that on the Boeing 787, which can send in-flight messages to ground crews alerting them of parts needing inspection before the plane arrives.

For Chevrolet drivers who opt-in to the service, OnStar Proactive Alerts monitors the health of the car’s starter motor, fuel pump and 12-volt battery. If anomalies are detected, OnStar will notify drivers to take their vehicle in for service, reducing unexpected repairs.

The service is available now for OnStar subscribers who own a 2016 Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette and Equinox.

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