Care to guess what this is called…?

Vauxhall’s new 95hp hatchback will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, with an unusual name.

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Our dealings with Vauxhall/Opel may have been a bit sporadic during the past few full complete cycles of the sun, but this we felt was something worth bringing to your collective attentions.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Vaux-Ophall will unveil a brand new urban mini crossover, which is marketing speak for ‘funky hatchback’. Having first made its conceptual debut in Geneva last year, this will be the first time punters can see the 95hp/115hp 1.0-litre ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo three-cylinder package up close and personal, whilst presumably marvelling at/recoiling from the satin chrome ‘boomerang’ design elements and Goldbusters paint finish. Yep, that really is the name…

That’s not the only reason we draw this to your attention, however. You see, Vauxhall has named its new model, ADAM ROCKS (yes, that is in full capital letters). Now, we’re not too sure why the new model – the latest instalment to the company’s ‘Adam’ city chic range – is called ‘Rocks’, a 36-hour marathon marketing meeting complete with bottomless Red Bull being our best guess. Bizarrely enough, the name does make an appearance on I shall leave you to your research on said search engine…

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