Bose Personal. The car headrest speaker is finally here!

Just so you don’t feel left out of having a premium audio system in your car, Bose has the solution for you!

When we go out and drive high end fully-spec’d media cars, they usually come with the top of the line audio system, and life suddenly becomes better once the beat drops. If I was to install something similar in my average car, it will cost me a lot, and I mean A LOT. Using earphones or a nice headset also wouldn’t do the job because that’d be dumb and even unsafe on the road as it isolates you from everything happening outside the vehicle.

What Bose is introducing is called the Bose Personal speakers system, where they have implemented “natural” sounding speakers in the headrest, which will give you the complete surround feel when playing music. This way, you’ll be happy with a humble and subtle audio system, without the need to going big and ripping off your door panels to installing an aftermarket system.

In the video, Bose installed this system on the new Nissan Micra, but we’re yet to experience this system in person to have a better idea on how it works and how it sounds.

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