BMW Hover Ride Design Concept (with LEGO Technic)

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* What started out as a LEGO Technic project ended with the BMW Hover Ride Design Concept, a flying 123bhp motorcycle without wheels

“What would the perfect motorcycle look like?” It’s a fair question, asked in one of the most distinctive voice over accents we think we’ve ever heard in a BMW video: a healthy dose of Danish with just a dash of Sean Connery in the middle and lifting into Michael Fassbender’s Magneto at the end. Kudos Lars Thygesen, your voice is amazing…

But while you try to wrap your head around that, let me introduce you to the Hover Ride Design Concept Mr Thygesen has designed. Firstly, it’s made of LEGO, so, yay! Secondly, the LEGO Technic team’s latest project was inspired by the 250kg, 123bhp BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, a bike they consider ‘BMW’s definition of the perfect motorcycle’. And thirdly, only once a LEGO Technic version of the R 1200 was constructed by Thygesen and his Danish crew did they wonder “how the best motorcycle would look, and function, without limits”.

And from this, using nothing more than the 603 pieces used to create the miniature LEGO replica and a bit of ingenuity, the BMW Motorrad team came up with the Hover Ride Design Concept. Which has no wheels. And can fly. And what’s even cooler, BMW Motorrad used this design to build a full-sized replica, effectively bringing a LEGO Technic model to life. As Thygesen explains, “you can create anything LEGO Technic, even the future”

Enjoy this BMW Hover Ride Design Concept video?

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