BMW Concept M4 Coupé. Oozing plus oneness?

Eight BMW M3 Coupés welcome the BMW Concept M4 Coupé.

BMW Concept M4 Coupé.

BMW has released a few videos teasing us with the new M4. The first video highlights some of the design elements while the second features it’s odd numbered ancestors coming out to have a gawk before backing off in to the darkness in an obvious display of its even numbered and ‘plus one’ superiority.

Having just been at the top secret BMW test facility in France – where I had a bit of fun in a preproduction BMW i8 – I may/may not have had the opportunity to see a new M4 in the flesh. Obviously, I would have been sworn to secrecy and couldn’t mention anything about how muscular it looks or how glorious it sounds or… well, anything about it at all.


Source – BMW and MPowerDOTcom

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