Bentley Barber Chairs. The highlights

Getting your hair done like never before with the Bentley Takara Belmont Apollo 2 barber chair.  

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We’ve long been exponents of Bentley luxury/opulence/swank and any other word that rhymes with ‘mmmmmm, comfy’. We’ve even, in the past, introduced you to a couple of other Bentley projects, including a new handbag range and a suitably priced hotel room (a steal at just a quarter of a million dollars per month). This though is something we hadn’t expected: barber chairs.

At the Pankhurst Barbers Salon in London – refuted to be ‘London’s most stylish men’s grooming salon’ – you can get a short back and sides from the comfort of one of two Bentley Takara Belmont Apollo 2 barber chairs. Whether or not you can set it to pulse massage – or indeed whether you’d want to with scissors an inch from your earlobe – remains to be seen.

Oh, and if you thought that this was the end of Bentley’s foray into furniture sales, you’d be wrong. After a long day at work, you can now sink into a Bentley Richmond chaise longue or flop into the Canterbury king-size. Wonder if Bentley would let us make one of those too…

– Shots courtesy of Bentley. Hat tip to Signé Magazine

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