Castrol Toyota FT-1. They must make this now!

Stunning Toyota FT-1 rendering by Jonsibal brings the legendary Castrol racing colours back (virtually).

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It’s official: love has a face.

This stunning rendering is the work of automotive illustrator Jonsibal and shows the new ‘holy crap, did they really create this sexy beast’ Toyota FT-1 in the iconic Castrol racing colours made famous on-track and on the World Rally Championship stages by the Super GT and the Celica among others.

Considering you can now race the ‘standard’ FT-1 in Gran Turismo 6, we’re hoping developers Polyphony and Sony has taken note and started work on another code. We can’t be alone in wanting to see this beauty ripping up the virtual timesheets.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some lustful staring to get on with.

– Shots courtesy of Jonsibal and Toyota

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