Bentley announces new Infinite Rush fragrance

Bentley announces new spritz.


Bentley has revealed its brand new Infinite Rush fragrance for men, which goes on sale in April.

The scent is described as having a ‘spicy freshness and a warm, woody base’ with ‘top notes of pink peppercorns, mandarin and rosemary’ (do by the way write to us if you understood any of that). The bottle meanwhile features a unique crackling effect, which means no two bottles are the same. The design apparently evokes that of the Bentley’s range of cars, in much the same way that the Continental offers customers a completely different character to the Mulsanne. Bentley’s legendary winged B logo is affixed to the centre of the bottle, which features an embossed metal plaque.

The new Bentley Infinite Rush line is priced from $60 for a 60ml bottle. Let’s hope that on-sale date in April arrives around payday.

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