Behold – the all-new Ford Mustang!

Ford unveils the all-new Mustang and celebrates 50 years of horse-related muscle car.

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This is the all-new Ford Mustang, freshly unveiled in the US and heading our way next year. The new car comes with three different engines, and we’re told it’ll be even more dynamic to drive than before.

It’s a big deal for Ford – more than nine million cars have been sold in the past half-century, and as Ford is so keen to point out, it’s the most-liked vehicle on Facebook, which is apparently important. The new car is even more critical before, as it’ll be heading to new markets in Europe and Asia as well as its more familiar stamping grounds.

Looks-wise, the new car mixes the design DNA of recent Mustangs with a bit of the sleekness seen across the rest of the Ford range, particularly in the headlights. The design has been helmed by Moray Callum – brother of Jaguar’s Ian – and features a lower, wider stance with a lower roof and wider rear track. The fastback shape is back, giving the car a sleeker profile and steeper windscreen. The interior is inspired by a plane cockpit, with large instruments and more space, as well as improved build quality.

So, engine. There are upgraded V6 and V8 options, as well as an all-new 2.3-litre turbo EcoBoost engine joining the fray. The Mustang GT gets the latest version of Ford‘s 5-litre V8, with upgraded valvetrain and cylinder heads to give it “more than 420 horsepower” and 390lb ft of torque. There’s a new intake manifold too, which Ford says will make for better fuel economy, idle stability and lowered emissions.

The 3.7-litre V6 makes “at least 300 horsepower” and 270lb ft of torque, while the new EcoBoost promises “more than 305 horsepower” and 300lb ft. Manual gearbox fans have an updated version of the ‘box to play with, while the auto transmission has also been fiddled with, and features new steering wheel-mounted shift paddles.

Under the skin, the engineers set the dynamic benchmark for the new standard car as the old Boss 302 model. Consequently both front and rear suspension systems have been overhauled, with a new perimeter subframe at the front to stiffen the structure and reduce mass, and there’s a new double-ball-joint MacPherson strut system that leaves more room for bigger brakes. At the back, there’s an all-new integral-link independent set up and new aluminium rear knuckles to help reduce unsprung mass.

Tech – well, there’s quite a bit of it, from keyless entry and start to customisable light colours on the gauges and a a Shaker Pro sound system. Selectable drive modes mean drivers can fiddle with steering effort, engine response, transmission and stability control to their liking. Launch control is included as standard, and options include Blind Spot Information System and adaptive cruise control. And yes, you can hook up your smartphone to it.

So, the new Ford Mustang is finally on show. Impressed?


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