ATS Automobili GT supercar detailed

Twelve units will be produced for the most discerning supercar collectors at over $1.31m a pop

ATS Automobili has officially returned to the supercar club with the new GT. The car was revealed at Salon Prive earlier in in 2017 but now the drivetrain, performance and pricing information have been announced.

The ATS GT starts at $1.31m, ATS will only build 12 units, each specified to the taste of their respective owners. Inside, the supercar is filled with solid aluminium switchgear and bespoke Alcantara trim to help justify the jaw-dropping price tag.

Under the rear deck sits a 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine connected to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The ATS will produce 650bhp in standard trim, although it is also available with an optional power upgrade taking that figure closer to 700bhp. If you’re thinking that this Italian supercar has an Anglo whiff to it, you wouldn’t be far wrong, as the wheelbase, suspension and standard power output all mimic that of a McLaren 650S.
Built to emulate its 1963 predecessor (also named GT), the new GT will be underpinned by a handmade carbonfibre-rich chassis, keeping dry weight at 1300kg.

The GT is styled by Emanuele Bomboi, formerly of Fiat and later design director of Bertone, and ATS says it offers a ‘timeless yet striking design, evoking the brand’s past while reflecting its very contemporary performance’. Although it is hard to see the resemblance to the 1963 car, the new GT takes on many contemporary supercar design cues, including a low front scuttle and highlighted accent line running along the side of the glasshouse.

The engineering prowess brought to ATS by these former Ferrari innovators was evident in the original GT though. The car is able to claim the title of the first mid-engined Italian supercar – an honour usually thought to be associated with the Lamborghini Miura that appeared three years later.

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