Aston reborn. The Kahn Vengeance

The first photos of Kahn’s rebodied Aston Martin have been released.

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Remember that teaser of the Kahn Vengeance? Well, forget about that – genuine pics are here of the Aston Martin DB9 that’s been rebodied by the people that brought you Kahn Design.

The Kahn Vengeance aims to reignite the coachbuilding practice of days gone by, where luxury car customers would buy a body and then commission a company to build a custom body to go on top of it. Thus, the Vengeance sits on the chassis of the latest Aston Martin DB9.

The design is inspired by the Astons of the ’80s and ’90s, particularly the early Vanquish and V600 Vantage, with big, flowing curves over angular surfaces, wide rear wings and a bulging bonnet. It rides on 16-spoke 20-inch wheels at the front, and 18-spoke 21s at the back.

The Vengeance will, as you’d expect, be a limited production vehicle starting later this year in the British Midlands. Each car will be hand-built and sport a plaque in the boot with the names of everyone that worked on it.

The price is yet to be confirmed, but don’t expect much change from $500,000.

Source: Kahn Automobiles



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