All-electric Opel Manta GSe restomod revealed

Opel Manta GSe resto-mod previews Vauxhall’s electric GSe performance sub-brand

The Opel Manta has been reimagined for the 21st century in the form of a one-off restomod concept, complete with a de-rigueur electric powertrain. Called the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD, the project was undertaken by a small group of Opel’s designers, connecting the historic icon with its electrified future.

The Manta GSe also introduces us to Vauxhall’s incoming GSe electric performance sub-brand, which like PSE for Peugeot, will soon expand into a range of electrified performance models including a high performance electric Corsa that will build off the existing Corsa-e.

For now, though, the Manta GSe has been designed to be a showcase of Opel’s (and Vauxhall’s) new-found verve under PSA ownership. The Manta itself, as well as being an iconic model from the past, is also the model that has thus informed Vauxhall’s new design language that was introduced in the latest Moka, bringing its past and future together. 

To connect the Manta GSe with its newer brethren, the classic face has been replaced with a digital interpretation, featuring similar eyebrows to the modern Moka, replacing the traditional twin-roundels made famous by the original. 

No detailed mechanical information has been revealed as yet other than to say it’ll be powered by an electric powertrain. 

The rest of the show car is much closer to the original, with its body looking largely unchanged from the original, save for a new front air-dam and wheel design, but we’ll know the full extent of the changes when the concept is revealed in full on May 19.

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