Alfa Romeo Track Therapy. Petrolicious

Petrolicious explore Alfaholism – a serious condition that afflicts Alfa Romeo owners.

In November last year, crankandpiston highlighted a condition known as Alfa Dream Disorder which afflicts many people in our car community who do not own, or have not yet owned, an Alfa Romeo. I have suffered for many years with ADD and always assumed that the only cure was to pull the trigger and purchase one of these Italian beauties. How naive I have been.

Petrolicious have dug deeper and discovered that ownership develops into Alfaholism – a serious condition without cure. Alfa Romeo Owners of South California (AROSC) have been providing support for Alfaholics now for 50 years and a key part in their 12-step program to help members cope is Track Therapy.

Source – Petrolicious

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