Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ. Zagato Embodies Essential Beauty. Petrolicious

Petrolicious talks to Andrea Zagato about the beautiful Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ.

Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ Zagato

The Alfa Romeo 1900 – unveiled at the 1950 Paris Motor Show – spawned a whole series of variants from the the Italian Coachbuilding industry. Bertone, Touring, Pinin Farina, Boneschi, Boano, Colli, Stabilimenti Farina, Ghia, Ghia-Aigle, Worblaufen, Vignale and Zagato all produced limited editions based on five variations of the 1900’s unibody chassis designed specifically for the carrazzeri.

Petrolicious serve up another tastefully driven automotive morsel for the Afisiti community and this time it is the Zagato-produced, 1900 SSZ coupé which followed Zagato tradition of lightweight, aerodynamic design. And who better to talk about it than Andrea Zagato, third generation of the Zagato family that established the brand.

From Alfa Romeo to Zagato, Petrolicious have it covered.

Source – Petrolicious

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