600+ horsepower supercar on the way from Ginetta

Upcoming supercar will feature a carbon body and tub and naturally aspirated V8

Long-running British sports car brand Ginetta has made a name for itself at virtually every level of GT racing over the last few decades, but road cars have often taken a back seat to their racing equivalents.

That looks set to change with the announcement of an all-new, road-going supercar from the Garforth-based firm, taking advantage of technology developed in Ginetta’s racing exploits. Ginetta chairman Lawrence Tomlinson describes it as ‘an uncompromised yet utterly capable road-going supercar’.

Full details of the supercar are yet to be confirmed, but Ginetta has hinted that it will feature a naturally aspirated, alloy V8 engine of its own design and manufacture, capable of producing more than 600bhp.

Ginetta supercar

That will make it the most powerful customer car Ginetta makes, eclipsing even the 575bhp, 305kph G58 prototype – though it’s not quite on a par with the company’s G60-LT-P1 Le Mans prototype, which is believed to make around 650bhp.

The road car does get a racing-style sequential transmission though, while Ginetta promises a ‘race-derived aerodynamics package’. The sole image released so far suggests a front-engined GT layout not unlike Ginetta’s G55 racers, with a hint of Corvette about its shark-like nose and vented centre to the long bonnet.

The body itself will be carbonfibre, as will the chassis, so Ginetta will undoubtedly be able to apply its racing knowledge. Ginetta suggests it isn’t just ‘another supercar from a car company’, but ‘a supercar from a top-tier motorsport manufacturer’.

It will be interesting to see whether it will stack up as a proper road-going supercar too, however, while offering the kind of comforts buyers in the supercar market expect. Ginetta has plenty of road cars to its name – now it’s time to see whether it can build a true supercar. 

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