VIDEO. 3D printed Subaru EJ20 boxer four-cylinder engine

Subaru fan, handy with SolidWorks modeling software and got a 3D printer at home? You might want to check out this 35 per cent scale model of a Subaru WRX EJ20 boxer flat-four

We’ve been running through quite a lot of Amalgam and Technic LEGO products as of late, so intricate detail and the ball-aches thereof are hardly lacking. Eric Harrell though has taken another step entirely with this scale model of Subaru’s EJ20 WRX engine, made through SolidWorks modelling software and using a 3D printer

Try to get your head around that: a 296bhp 2.5-litre EJ20 boxer flat-four you’ll find in a Subaru WRX – like THIS ONE [wink] – can now be constructed at home through your HP Laser Jet. We’ve come a long way from men with proper beards wielding spanners in mugs of teas spending hours in the garden shed.

Eric is keen to point out though that, while a tiny electric motor makes the pistons ‘fire’, this is not a replica, nor a cheap way to run your electric iPod. Much like his earlier Toyota 22RE (the video for which you can also find below), it’s an example to us all should we be looking for a 35 per cent scale of arguably Subaru’s most desirable engine today. Also, sod the metronome; this would look pretty cool on office desk too.

Eric has also suggested that he now has his eyes on the all-wheel drive six-speed transmission mated as stock with the WRX. He could even take a user-request and construct the fiery 455bhp 6.2-litre V8 from the Corvette Stingray if someone can provide the online specs. So who knows? If you’re keen to see a miniature, working representation of Aston Martin’s new V12 (who isn’t?), drop Eric a line. It’s not his first (miniature) rodeo, after all…

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