ON-BOARD. 360-degree Formula E lap of Monaco with Bruno Senna

Jump on-board an electric Formula E single seater with former F1 driver Bruno Senna for a hot lap of the Monaco ePrix. WARNING. Shortcuts inevitable…

Following on from the snooze fest that was the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix – despite the best efforts of a returning Jenson Button and the [cough] pit fumble that gifted Sebastien Vettel victory at the expense of Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen – Formula E demonstrates just how mesmerising the Monte Carlo track layout can be with a 360-degree hot lap. We jump on-board with Bruno Senna, former Formula 1 and FE driver, current World Endurance Championship competitor, and nephew of six-time Monaco GP winner Ayrton. 

Now, let’s get this out of the way nice and early: those of you expecting the 3.337km tour from Sainte Devote and Massenet through Casino, the Grand Hotel Hairpin, Tabac and La Rascasse back to the start-finish ‘straight’ are in for a disappointment. Making its series debut last year, the Monaco ePrix uses a shortened 1.765km configuration that cuts everything between the climb up the hill and the famous tunnel, thanks to the comparatively short lifespan of the car’s batteries: electric single seaters running out of juice halfway round one of the tightest street circuits on the planet is a monumental cluster-fudge in the making, as well as a potentially monumental PR ball-ache. So, try not to be too gutted when Senna makes a hard right turn just before Sainte Devote.

On the plus side though, as well as the on-board commentary and whining soundtrack of a 200kW (200bhp, ish) McLaren-developed electric motor, the on-board hot lap is interactive thanks to the 360-degree Go-Pro camera that was used to film it.

If that’s not enough, then how about this on-board footage of uncle Ayrton’s ‘perfect lap’ in the McLaren MP4/5B from 1990, or on-board the Lancia D50 with five-time F1 champion Juan Manual Fangio from 1956? Ah, much better…

Enjoy this Formula E Monaco ePrix hot lap?

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