2022 Maserati GranTurismo to retain IC option – V6 and EV options to come

GranTurismo coupe and its soft-top GranCabrio sibling will in fact be reborn with both IC and BEV options, contrary to previous statements.

​Contrary to previous reports, the next Maserati GranTurismo will in fact be available with an internal combustion engine option, rather than as a pure EV model when it’s revealed next year. As part of the company’s plan to launch 14 new or refreshed models by the end of 2023, the new GranTurismo confirms that while Maserati will be launching into new sectors and with new powertrains in the coming years, it and the accompanying drop-top GranCabrio will remain key models in the brand’s future, as both pure EV and petrol options.

The petrol engine that will be found under the long bonnet will not be a familiar V8 however, instead the brand’s new Nettuno V6 that’s also found in the MC20 will feature, likely producing a generous power and torque increase.

If you’re hoping to see the new Maserati before the end of the year, though, you might be disappointed, with the global chip shortage wreaking havoc with Maserati’s launch calendar, also delaying the all-new Grecale SUV’s reveal by as much as 3-4 months. The new GranTurismo will likely follow the Grecale’s Q1 2022 reveal, putting its reveal date some time in the first half of next year, with the all-electric models of both expected to follow. 

But the wait should be worth it, as it will feature a reinterpreted design with typically elegant GT proportions, dominated by a long bonnet, curvaceous haunches and a four-seat cabin. The new GranTurismo’s detailing will be updated to align with new models like the MC20 supercar and incoming Grecale SUV, so expect to see more-upright oblong-shaped headlights and a repeat of Maserati’s new lighting signature in combination with the classic grille shape and C-pillar motif.

The electric GranTurismo, like all future electric Maseratis, will carry Folgore branding and will feature a total of three motors: one on the front axle and two on the rear, making it all-wheel drive. This triple engine configuration will also support torque vectoring on the rear axle, and will run on an 800V system – similar to the Porsche Taycan – to deliver exceptionally fast charging capabilities.

What the new GranTurismo won’t have is a bespoke chassis like the Taycan, instead integrating the very different packaging of an electric powertrain into a (or indeed ‘the’) familiar IC-based chassis – similar in concept to Audi’s e-tron SUV. We’ll have to wait and see what the battery capacity and expected range will be, but given the model’s name implies grand touring, it ought to be reasonably substantial.  

So despite the delays to Maserati new product, its momentum as Stellantis’ flagship marque still gives us faith that a new era is coming. With the MC20 (nearly) ready to shake up the supercar market, the new GranTurismo and its GranCabrio sibling look nearly ready to still play their part in Maserati’s renaissance. We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer to see more of it.  

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