2021 Alpina XD3 and XD4 update revealed – extra torque from Alpine’s quad-turbo diesel SUV

The updates to the Alpina XD3 and XD4 are largely of the aesthetic kind, but more torque and new chassis calibrations are also part of the package

Alpina has revealed updated versions of its XD3 and XD4 SUVs, featuring a combination of the upgrades recently revealed on BMW’s X3 and X4 along with a few small calibration and setup updates from Alpina.

The most interesting changes are under the bonnet, where Alpina has managed to squeeze even more torque from the quad-turbocharged 3-litre straight-six shoehorned into the X3’s engine bay. Torque is up 22lb ft to 590lb ft, which is available between 1750 and 3000rpm, while power remains at 394bhp between 3000 and 4000rpm. This is channeled to a rear-wheel biased all-wheel drive system via an eight-speed ZF transmission. There’s also a limited slip differential on the rear axle, helping apportion torque between the rear wheels where required, or locking completely when slip is detected. This combination is only usually available in BMW’s larger X5/6/7 models, making its application in this smaller X3-based XD3 a unique one. 

Of course despite its smaller dimensions, the XD3 still weighs in at 2145kg (EU), making this a more compact, but not particularly lightweight option for performance SUV buyers. As a result, performance is generous rather than startling, the car reaching 100kph in 4.6sec and going on to 267kph. The flipside is that the quoted 7.20 L/100km rating makes the XD3 far more pump-friendly than the petrol-powered X3 M that BMW offers as its high-performance midsize SUV option. 

Changes to the chassis have been equally subtle, with Alpina focusing on a new steering calibration, shorter and stiffer springs and recalibrated dampers. As on all Alpinas, suspension tuning hasn’t been focused on outright capability, but rather a balance of control and everyday usability. 

The standard wheels are 20-inch items, running 255-section front and 285-section rear tyres, but a 22-inch wheel and tyre package is optional, with the rears growing a further 10mm to 295-section. Alpina’s standard brake package is on the smaller side, but it does offer a high performance option upping the disc sizes to 395mm front and 398mm rear (odd larger rear sizes noted). 

The XD3 otherwise mimics the standard X3 in terms of cosmetic and tech upgrades, with fresh bumpers front and rear matched with a new dash insert and freestanding infotainment screen. As is the way with Alpinas, the interior colour and trim options are the same as usually available in BMW’s range, but can be upgraded to the sumptuous Lavalina leather trim for the full Alpina experience.  

Available to order now, the new XD3 will be available from August this year. 

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