2015 Dubai Motor Show. Preview, Infiniti

The ‘DNA blueprint for Infiniti’s existing and future models’ – the Q80 Inspiration – is set to headline the upcoming Dubai International Motor Show.

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Infiniti’s Q80 Inspiration concept will headline the Japanese marque’s stand at this year’s Dubai International Motor Show alongside the new Q60 concept.

Originally unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, our postcard from which you can read HERE, the Q80 Inspiration ‘forms the design DNA blueprint for Infiniti’s existing and future models’ according to the company. There’s also some pretty, let’s say, ‘flamboyant’ descriptions of the overall look too…

The newly re-designed three-dimensional grille have been inspired ‘the pulsing gills of a cruising shark’, opening and closing to control air flow. The headlights meanwhile remain standard Infiniti, though other notable element of the design being the curved C-pillar.

The Q60 Concept meanwhile is ‘a sports car that is power and performance personified’, the 2+2 coupe offering taut bodylines and razor edges. At the front is a deep double arch grille, the bodylines around which merge around the new LED headlights.

Other models expected to make an appearance on Infiniti’s stand at the Dubai International Motor Show include the new Q70 and the Q30.

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